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‘The Warrior Way’ Ep 19: Tribute to Dan Wilson

Joined today by one of my best friends, Anthony Wilson, as we pay tribute to his father, Dan, who passed away Monday after a 4 day battle. We decided to pay a tribute to Dan and how much he meant to so many. Sadly, this is our first connection to everything that is going on in

BONUS Ep: ‘The Warrior Way’ w/OHSAA Exec Director Jerry Snodgrass

Grateful to chat with OHSAA Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass for this bonus edition of ‘The Warrior Way’ today. We were cut short at the end by “Zoom” but had a great conversation about his perspective on what is taking place. Take care today Warriors! ‘The Warrior Way’ BONUS episode w/Jerry Snodgrass #WeAreWarriors

‘The Warrior Way’, Ep. 16 w/Rachel Murray+Brandon Lam

Had to split today’s video into 2 parts due to technical difficulties, but a GREAT episode today with a surprise guest and a surprise for Rachel and Brandon. Enjoy your Friday Warriors! ‘The Warrior Way’, Ep 16 (PART ONE) w/Rachel+Brandon ‘The Warrior Way’, Ep 16 (PART TWO) w/Rachel+Brandon #WeAreWarriors

‘The Warrior Way’, Ep. 14 w/Alison Rothmann+Grace Link

Caught up with two of our class of 2022 student-athletes this morning. Great hearing from them and how they’re staying focused through this break. Have an awesome April 1st Warriors! ‘The Warrior Way’, Ep. 14 w/Alison Rothmann+Grace Link #WeAreWarriors

‘The Warrior Way’, Ep. 13 w/Coach Davidson+Coach Konkolewski

Fun chat with our head soccer coaches Noah Davidson (boys) and Ricky Konkolewski (girls) this morning. Had a little internet glitch (at the 11:30 mark skip ahead to 17:30!), but we got it in! Enjoy the last day of March—-take care Warriors! ‘The Warrior Way’, Ep. 13 w/Coach Davidson+Coach K #WeAreWarriors

Spring 2020 Team Pictures

While our spring season is on pause, let’s give tribute to our North Warriors spring athletes and teams: Boys Track/Field: Girls Track/Field: Tennis: Varsity Girls Lacrosse: JV Girls Lacrosse: Varsity Boys Lacrosse: JV Boys Lacrosse: Varsity Softball: JV Softball: Varsity Boys Volleyball: JV Boys Volleyball: Baseball:

‘The Warrior Way’, Ep. 12 w/Coach Johnson+Reuben Simiyu

Great catching up with head North football coach Bryan Johnson and class of 2021 student-athlete Reuben Simiyu. Hope you have a great start to your week Warriors—-find that routine and get that work taken care of! ‘The Warrior Way’, Ep. 12 w/Coach Johnson+Reuben Simiyu #WeAreWarriors