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Membership & Meetings

Our next General Meeting will take place on April 9th, 2018 at 6:30pm in the WN Media Center.  We will conduct nominations and elections for the Executive Members for the 2018-19 Athletic year.
If you would like to propose an item for the Meeting Agenda on this date, please contact the Athletic Booster President.

2017-18 Booster Membership

Make your 2017-18 Booster Membership donation ($10).
The Boosters accept all major credit cards. Join now!

  • Attend monthly WNABC Meetings on the 2nd Monday of each month
  • Help in fundraising, marketing and securing WNABC corporate sponsorship.
  • Receive Athletic Director and WNABC updates.
  • Help organize, sponsor or volunteer at WNABC-supported events and programs.

2017-18 WNABC General Meeting Minutes

DRAFT WNABC Meeting Minutes 3-12-18
WNABC Meeting Minutes 2-12-18
WNABC Meeting Minutes 1-15-18
WNABC-Meeting Minutes 11-13-17
WNABC-Meeting Minutes 10-9-17

WNABC-Meeting Minutes 9-11-17

WNABC-Meeting Minutes 8-14-17

WNABCMeetingMinutes 7-10-17

2016-17 WNABC General Meeting Minutes

WNABC Meeting Minutes 5-8-17