Multiple Teams · Baseball’s Jingle Bell Challenge

The Westerville North Baseball team held their first ever “Jingle Bell Challenge” event in the morning on Saturday, December 15th. The event is just part of the team’s routine Saturday morning conditioning which has taken on the theme of “Being Competitive” this year. Student athletes intending to try out for the team in the spring have been taking part in conditioning competitions for much of the fall. They have been broken down into four teams for the off-season that battle it out every weekend in things like basketball, flag football, baseball golf, backyard games, and a variety of other competitive games with a twist.

The Tug-O-War competition between Team 2 and Team 3 during the Jingle Bell Challenge.

This Saturday’s “Jingle Bell Challenge” was a holiday themed event and inspired the teams to incorporate a bit of strategic thinking as they worked together to accomplish tasks.  Wearing festive holiday attire, the teams competed in the following competitions:

  • Sled Push/Pull – If Santa’s reindeer ever go on strike, it’s gonna take some manpower to push the sled where it needs to go. There are times though when Santa won’t have the ability to push it and must use a rope to pull the sled back in case it gets stuck!
  • Heavy Bag Carry – Just think about it… if Santa’s bag has toys for every boy and girl in the world, it’s gotta be pretty heavy!  Teams must carry a 50 pound sack through an obstacle course in the weight room. Santa’s gotta be really strong to lift it up in the air and drop it down the chimney, as well as squeeze it through pretty tight spaces! Don’t you let Santa’s bag touch the ground or you will have to start all over!
  • Barbell Carry – Maneuvering a heavy sleigh around town while not wrecking or hitting anything is really important if Santa is going to make it to every house in one night!  To practice, athletes will have to carry a loaded barbell on a specific course through the school. Careful not to cut corners or get into accidents though! Time is of the essence!
  • Sprint Races – Only the fastest reindeer are good enough to be on Santa’s team. Athletes will have to outsprint members from the other teams to win points for their own team!
  • Balance Ball Push-ups – I am sure there are difficult times when Santa just wants to stop and take a break, but there just isn’t time to stop or he’d be out of a job. Balance ball push-ups can get hard, too, but do you have enough left in you to get a couple more reps for your team?
  • Tug-O-War – Santa only wants the strongest team who can work together to accomplish their goals. The other team has more guys? No excuses. You better dig a bit deeper and find a way to win!
WNHS senior, Dom Bobovnyk, taking his turn during the Heavy Bag Carry competition.

Varsity head coach, Sean Ring, had this to say about the event, “The Jingle Bell Challenge was born from our season long competition schedule. The competitions have added an edge to our program which will help us be ready to compete come spring time. The Jingle Bell Challenge serves as a wonderful opportunity to allow current players to compete while alumni came to support them. Having the alumni return to mentor our players speaks to the family nature we try to create. It was our version of home for the holidays.”

The team appreciates the support of many alumni who continue to come back and support the program. Little things like helping run the stations at events like the Jingle Bell Challenge, assisting at practices, and even helping to maintain the baseball field at North during the summer months are a huge help! Also helping make Saturday’s events possible was the generosity of Westerville North’s wrestling program and the Cherrington Elementary PE program. Both lent the baseball program equipment that was used in some of the events.

Winning the overall Jingle Bell Competition on Saturday morning was the Team 1 (wearing red). They narrowly squeaked by Team 3 (wearing green) by just a single point! Third and fourth places were also separated by just a single point. Taking third was Team 4 (wearing white) which leaves Team 2 (in blue) in the cellar.  Team points from today’s competitions will be added to overall team scores for the off-season.