Boys Varsity Baseball · 2nd Annual Myrtlewood Masters

Participants in the 2018 Myrtlewood Masters eagerly await as teams finish the 18th hole.

(Myrtle Beach, SC) During this past Tuesday evening, there was an event held that is like no other, The 2nd Annual Myrtlewood Masters. The event took place at the very highly rated Captain Hooks Adenture Golf miniature golf course on the Captain Hook Course (Par 42).

Most of the participants came from across the United States (Ohio to be exact) to take part in this exciting tradition. The setup for this year’s event was three teams of six golfers (or baseball players trying to golf) and the team with the lowest combined score after all participants completed the ruthless 18-hole course would be crowned the winners.

There are no “green jackets” here, just bragging rights and maybe some sort of cheap prize the coaches will find at the dollar store before the trip is over. The stakes are still considered high though!

The participants would set out in threesomes onto the course with one athlete from each of the three teams in each threesome. The teams represented in the event were Team Lee, Team Thuman, and Team Boyd. Coach Ring would be playing individually and teams would need to guess his over/under score as a tie breaker.

Each team was drafted by coaches prior to the event. With the first pick in the draft, Coach Thuman’s top draft pick was senior Jack Murgas and Murgas proved his worth by tying for top individual honors by shooting an overall score of 40 (-2). Team Thuman ended up winning this year’s event by posting a combined score of 281.

Team Lee finished second in this year’s Maplewood Masters by posting a combined score of 291. Leading Team Lee was sophomore Nolan Todys who shot a one under par with a 41.

The third place team in the event was Team Boyd which shot a combined score of 301. Coach Boyd missed the draft because he was taking a nap and had his picks set on auto-pick which usually works for fantasy football, but must not have totally paid off for him in Myrtle. Team Boyd did have the other overall individual leader in senior Andrew Miller’s 2 under par score of 40, but it was sadly all down hill from there (including Coach Boyd’s score).

1st Place – Team Thuman (281)

Coach Thuman 43 (+1), Jack Murgas 40 (-2), Brenden O’Malley 50 (+8), Ty O’Hearn 45 (+3), Mason Lowder 51 (+9), Andrew Dellasanta 52 (+10)

2nd Place – Team Lee (291)

Coach Lee 54 (+12), Josh Houston 48 (+6), Nolan Todys 41 (-1), Brandon Bond 45 (+3), Chad Gordish 47 (+5), Harper Flynn 56 (+14)

3rd Place – Team Boyd (301)

Coach Boyd 53 (+11), Andew Miller 40 (-2), Adam Stefanelli 46 (+4), Auri Dover 54 (+12), Kraig Lowe 58 (+16), Dom Bobovnyk 50 (+8)


Individual Champions – Jack Murgas 40 (-2) & Andrew Miller 40 (-2)